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Our Research Lab

At the Vermont Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (VaiL) we work at the intersection of machine learning theory and application. Our mission is to improve the adaptability and generalization of machine learning methods, in order to allow higher-quality applications to broader classes of real-life problems. Our core area is object understanding and geo-localization from the ground and satellite images. We also collaborate with groups from other fields such as Medical, Transportation, Energy, and Communication. 

The Team


Dr. Safwan Wshah

Lab Director

Dr. Safwan Wshah is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Vermont. His research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning theory and application. He also has broader interests in deep learning, computer vision, data analytics, and image processing. Dr. Wshah received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University at Buffalo in 2012. Prior to joining the University of Vermont, Dr. Wshah worked for Xerox and PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)- Xerox company, where he was involved in several projects creating machine learning algorithms for different applications in healthcare, transportation, and education fields.

Here is Dr. Wshah's full extended CV. 


Daniel Wilson

PhD, Computer Science 


Dan received his B.S. in Computer Science from Earlham College in 2017. He worked for Norwich Solar Technologies before joining the University of Vermont, where he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Computer Science.  His particular fields of interest are computer vision, object geolocalization, and autonomous driving.


Xiaohan Zhang

PhD, Computer Science


Xiaohan received his B.S. from Michigan State University in 2017 and M.Sc in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2020. He is now pursuing his Ph.D. degree at the University of Vermont in Computer Science. His research interests include computer vision, geo-localization and intelligent transportation.


Fayha Almutairi

PhD, Computer Science 


Fayha received her  B.S.  degree and  M.S. degree in Computer Science from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,  where she is currently working toward her  Ph.D. in  Computer  Science at the  University of  Vermont. She is a lecturer at Shaqra University. Her research interests include Machine Learning, Smart Grids, Cyber Security.


Mustafa Matar

PhD, Electrical engineering (Current)

Mustafa comleted his master degress from princess sumaya university of technology from Jordan, Amman. He Joined VaiL in 2018. His research interests in applied machine learning in power systems.  


Colin Van Oort


Complex systems and Data Science 


Colin completed his Ph.D. in 2021 at UVM where he focused on practical applications of deep learning systems. His research interests include design of deep learning systems, deep learning augmented modeling, and data-driven policy.


Join our group

Computer Science or Complex systems and Data Science 

We frequently have openings for exceptional students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science or Complex Systems and Data Science.


Nathaniel Ogilvie

 Computer Science (M.S.)(Current)

Nayo is a current master's student. His research interest of object analysis and recognition in satellite images.  


Erik Brown

Computer Science (M.S.)


Erik research interest was in the design of deep learning systems, deep learning augmented modeling, and data-driven policy.


Wyatt Wu

Computer Science (M.S.)


Wyatt's research interests involved applying machine learning to power systems.


Kristin Mcclure

Complex systems and Data Science (M.S.)


Kristin's research interest was in researching deep-based algorithms for sleep apnea detection.

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